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Star Kogarasumaru
So We Wish You! Gorgeous 4Ever! So We Have Smile :) Special 4Ever!

Group Founder: kagemaru
Description: Welcome to Kogarasumaru , a place where you can chat, have fun, download and others. Have unlimited fun here. Invite more friends, visit polls, and say what you want. Everyone is welcome.Tags/Keywords: kogarasumaru kogarasu maru anime otaku fun manga melody death note songs rock punk goth frog yaou night kings zombie vampires pics sounds videos mp3 band emo emotional motivated output chibi cute nation downloads wall flower eureka seven bleach kage shadows ninjas ghost scary pinoy indonesian indo indonesia japan japanese uk united kingdom italy african konoha soul society akatsuki lfo saint genesis blood social club fang road path shark thunder natural super art glass crucifix sanctuary angel lover lovers pictures chat friends spirits shaman naruto final fantasy code geass lelouch rebellion tsubasa chronicles wap web school avatars
Group Type: Public join
Members: 386
Category: Picture Groups > General

Topics (54)

go ! Adverti t ! (20) kagemaru
go anime download (3) linamena
go FAVE ANIME THEME SONG? (13) suganeko
go First anime you ever watched? (13) suganeko
go Free 100 USD!!! (0) cathy3
go _ (0) kagemaru
go Most attractive anime char.? (15) suganeko
go what anime is hot and what ani (2) cloud7
go Avatars and Everything (3) kagemaru
go Cosplaying (23) raikou
go Death note (6) vair
go your fave anime couple :P (11) suganeko
go Beliefs!! Just opinions (6) kagemaru
go Japanese Translation (15) sano_999
go Anime Quotes!! Know any? (26) legend12

Photos (304)

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Files (62)

1 Good morning
2 Chipmunk
3 Cat walking
4 tekken boys
5 Avatar
6 Coco01
7 Cute Luchia
8 Caren Transformation
9 Noelle Transformation
10 Sara1
11 Noelle
12 Sara Transformation
13 Kagebunshin no Jutsu
14 Chidori
15 Message


Polls (10)

go What is your favourite manga ?
go Favourite Akatsuki member?
go Most powerful eye?
go Romantic anime?
go Best uploaders on our group
go Most powerful sacred treasure of the heavenly beings.
go Best Anime Guy
go Rate our group!
go Fave color?
go What's your best anime you've ever watched?

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